Reading Assignments
Problem Sets and Simulation Assignments

Date Paper/ Chapters Presenters
8/31 medium access: chapter 8
8/31 L. Kleinrock and F. Tobagi, “Packet Switching in Radio Channels: Part I – Carrier Sense Multiple-Access Modes and Their Throughput-Delay Characteristics,” IEEE Transactions on Communications, 23(12):1400-1416, Dec 1975.
9/14 Martin Heusse, Franck Rousseau, Romaric Guillier, Andrzej Duda, “Idle Sense: An Optimal Access Method for High Throughput and Fairness in Rate Diverse Wireless LANs,” in Proceedings of ACM SIGCOMM 2005, Philadelphia, PA, August 2005. Cunzhu, Harry, Marissa
9/21 T. Nitsche, C. Cordeiro, A. Flores, E. Knightly, E. Perahia and J. Widmer, “ IEEE 802.11ad: Directional 60 GHz Communication for Multi-Gbps Wi-Fi,IEEE Communications Magazine, 52(12):132-141, December 2014. (tutorial)
9/23  S. Sur, V. Venkateswaran, X. Zhang, and P. Ramanathan, “60 GHz Indoor Networking through Flexible Beams: A Link-Level Profiling,” in Proceedings of ACM SIGMETRICS 2015, New York, NY, June 2015. Can Huang, Chia-Yi Yeh, John Yan
9/28 G. Bianchi, “ Performance analysis of the IEEE 802.11 distributed coordination function,” IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications, 18(3):535-547, March 2000.
10/14 S.-Y. Chang, Y.-C. Hu and N. Laurenti, “SimpleMAC: A Simple Wireless MAC-Layer Countermeasure to Intelligent and Insider Jammers,” IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking, PP(99):1-14, April 2015.
10/14 S.-Y. Chang, Y.-C. Hu and Z. Liu, “ Securing Wireless Medium Access Control Against Insider Denial-of-Service Attackers,” in Proceedings of IEEE CNS 2015, Florence, Italy, September 2015. Boqiang Fan, Shi Su, Stephen Xia
10/19 fairness: pp. 395-397, 408-413  —
10/26 congestion control: chapter 7  —
11/02 F. Kelly, “Charging and rate control for elastic traffic,” European Transactions on Telecommunications, vol. 8 (1997) pages 33-37.
11/11 A. Croitoru, D. Niculescu, and C. Raiciu, “Towards WiFi Mobility without Fast Handover,” in Proceedings of Usenix NSDI 2015, Oakland, CA, May 2015. Saadiah Ahmed, Aria HasanzadeZonuzy, Zichao Wang
11/16 routing: chapter 14
11/23 M. Alizadeh, A. Greenberg, D. A. Maltz, J. Padhye, P. Patel, B. Prabhakar, S. Sengupta, and M. Sridharan, “DCTCP:Efficient packet transport for the commoditized data center,” in Proceedings of ACM SIGCOMM 2010, New Delhi, India, August 2010. Jonghun Park, Neetu Raveendran, Michael Tsehaie

For each paper with presenter names listed, a brief summary and review is due in class on the above date for all non-presenters. Include one paragraph summarizing the main contribution and one paragraph critical analysis. Presenters should prepare a 15 minute talk summarizing the main contributions, including a problem statement, overview of key results, and differentiation from prior work. The presentation should also include a critical analysis of the paper, i.e., your assessment of the strength of the contribution, the work’s current or potential impact, your assessment of the evaluation methodology, etc. Turn in a hard copy of your slides on the day of the presentation. Guidelines for making key points are found in the how-to-read-a-paper hints here and here. Only papers with a presenter assigned require a writeup.